Manage Pain Naturally

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Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain? Do You Feel Like You Might Be Addicted to Pain Killers For Life? Are You Trapped on a Merry-Go-Round of Escalating Pain Tolerance That Might Eventually Mean That No Pain Killer Treats Your Condition Anymore?

Have you been prescribed pain killers with dangerous side effects? Are your friends and family complaining that your behavior has changed?

Do you need to get off painkillers simply because they are costing you more and more to acquire each month simply because you need more and more pills to handle your suffering?

Learn How to Manage Your Pain Without Prescription Drugs! Stop Being Held Hostage By The Allopathic Community and the Pharmaceutical Companies!

What you will learn:

  • The difference between real pain and pain caused by environmental or physiological factors such as having no money or breaking up with a loved one
  • The medical definition of pain and how it is related to actual or potential tissue damage
  • What the experts say about the subjective nature of pain that is a fact that is so ignored by doctors!
  • When does pain stop being part of your body’s natural defense system and just a big annoyance
  • How we can be unconscious or too conscious of painful sensations
  • What mother’s milk and nursing might have to do with how well you tolerate pain as an adult
  • The role that endorphins in your brain play in controlling pain
  • How taking Vicodin can cause a lack of sex drive and impotence
  • Why eating cherries can be a strong component of a pain relief strategy!
  • And much more…

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